My P.O.D Shops

Around September 2014 I learned about Print-on-Demand via a Skype group I was a member of. They were talking about I was stunned to learn about this creative opportunity to earn royalties from our own artwork or photos.

I clearly entered a new chapter in my life. I knew that being creative with the use of Photoshop, my leather artwork, paintings, photos and the graphic files I had from all the layered files of book covers I designed for Kima Global Publishers, would come in handy for a start. What a great opportunity to be a self-employed entrepreneur.
Soon that same year I discovered other P.O.D websites and I signed up for Society6

I’m a visionary fiction author, I love anything to do with Africa and Steampunk innovative designs, graphics, art & crafts and like to create story telling graphics. To be inspired is great but to inspire someone else is Incredible. I’m also an illustrator and book cover designer for Kima Global Publishers.

Then I landed at the largest online P.OD shop so far as I know. I was again overwhelmed with all the earning opportunities. Zazzle does stand out because customers can customize many of the products like: cards for Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Confirmation, Baptism, First Holy, Bat Mitzvah, Retirement, Graduation, Housewarming, New address Baby Shower, Bachelorettes or Quinceañera. That is besides all the other many products.

If anyone clicks here it will take you to my three dedicated Zazzle shops in this blog.
Zazzle now offers Zazzle Chat, a real-time communication tool to chat with customers.
Creating designs for Zazzle is often done by creating collections from one main design which then has elements that belong to that design and is customized for the many products Zazzle offers. See my design collection by clicking on the zazzle tab – the download box will take you to my latest wedding and baby shower collections.
My blog covers many of the other online shops where my work can be viewed. I’m still active on Teepublic but the others are sadly lagging behind due to time constraints.

I do spent hours keeping up with creating new graphics to be assured of a steady monthly income, but I love it.
Thanks for reading my long overdue post.
Nadine May