Nadine’s Novels

Awakening to Our Ascension Series

While the planet is in serious trouble as global warming effects temperature, sea levels and climate in a way that it never has before, the people who have written the light-worker journals discover ancient texts that awaken memories from beyond time. Nine people who are seriously investigating the truth behind immortality are led by fate to rise above the earthly plane and become more in tune with the cosmos.They all learn the truth behind genetic manipulations and deceit of humanity on a global scale.

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The Reality Shifters

Ingrid Barendse lives a normal life, working as a maintenance administrator in Holland. Unknown to her colleagues, a message appears on her powered down computer screen from the mysterious POWAH an unknown force who informs her of the Awakening Clan, a soul group who are investigating the truth behind immortality. Ingrid meets up with some of the people she got to know through a workshop about the Language of Light, where they learned to recognize who belongs to their soul family.
While the planet is in serious trouble as global warming effects temperature, sea levels and climate in a way that it never has before, the people who belong to the soul family: Jaarsma Clan discover an ancient text that awakes memories from beyond time. Ingrid gets the opportunity to join this Awakening Clan and is led by fate to her twin soul, and together they rise above the earthly plane and become more in tune with the cosmos.

The Reality Shifters – Ingrid’s Journal – What We Can Imagine, We Can Make Real

” Make your future dream a percent fact, by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled”
Neville Goddard

Ebook Editions – The Reality Shifters


The Astral Explorer

Egyptologist Richard de Jong is a master Astral traveller, who takes the reader on a journey into higher consciousness and ancient and new mysteries. He starts to understand that the hieroglyphics have specific meanings not usually attributed to them and that the old answers do not apply in today’s world. A visit from his deceased brother during an astral travel sets the wheels in motion for Richard to discover the secrets of the Prophet’s Game through POWAH and how traveling to the higher astral plane will awaken his soul memories.

Richard’s journals – The Astral Explorer

We are multidimensional spiritual beings – having a Human experience” Richard de Jong

Amazon Kindle Edition – The Astral Explorer

The Cosmic Traveller

As Richard, Sascia and the rest of the Jaarsma Clan take the next steps to reaching complete awakening, a discovery underneath the Valley of the Gods’ resort in France reveals more clues to human kind’s destiny. Embedded in the rock walls pictographic script foretells a future that seems to have happened in the past. This third novel in the Awakening series is a sequel to The Astral Explorer.
What is about to come and that there is little time left to bring about transformation, gets clearer when their own lives are swept up by the dramas that trap them into the illusion of a reality that can only exist if they give it their energy.

Richard’s journals – The Cosmic Traveller

Amazon Kindle Edition – The Cosmic Traveller

I was Inspired by an old scroll that I inherited from my Grandfather!

Vanishing Worlds

Annelies, the ascension workshop facilitator and author of the workbook: ‘Decoding our body codes of light’ (still to be published) writes about journeying into the cells of the body to discover what exactly biological consciousness is. Her perception on time and space is shattered and she awakens to the awesome truth that to survive physically is nothing compared to the challenges of surviving on a soul level. Outer worlds (dark forces) know that, but they lost their soul connections a long way back. They are heading for their own extinction so they have to attach themselves to the souls that are asleep to their true identity in order to return home – because our reality will soon be no more, when the Grand Portal is re-opened.

Through this fourth novel Nadine explores how beliefs are ‘programs’ of consciousness hidden in our genetic make up.

Vanishing Worlds – Annelies’ JournalWhat We Can Imagine, We Can Make Real

Amazon Kindle Edition – Vanishing Worlds



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