Kima Global Gifts

Many of the book cover designs I created for our Kima Global Publishers are now gradually shared on the items I’ve decorated on many of the Zazzle products. This was the start of the Kima Global gift shop.Here is the link to the latest added designs

Every item on these book promotion collage images contains the book link on every Zazzle product. ( If a sign comes up to say that the product is sold out, just keep on clicking on the Zazzle link and it will take any visitor the the chosen product.) Nothing is EVER sold out! Every product is available on print-on-demand. 

Shining Life



The Vortex Theory & Continuous Living by David Ash



A Light Beings' Journey & Weaving the Web


Food Consciousness


Operation Self Transformation

Operation Self Transformation by nadinemay


Happy Ever After - by Hanna Kok



The Awakening Clan by Nadine May
Multi-Dimensional Thinking
Multi-Dimensional Thinking by nadinemay featuring the book design from Jimmy Henderson

Multi-Dimensional Perception

Multi-Dimensional Perception
Multi-Dimensional Perception by nadinemay featuring author Jimmy Henderson

Touching Animal Souls by Gabrielle Harris

Touching Animal Souls by Gabrielle Harris

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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