T-shirt designs for all occasions

Often I aim to combine my designing for a larger market than just T shirts. My other passions are creative writing about topics I’m drawn to write about, but because I think more in pictures than words, and like to make words speak through imagery.


My 4 latest designs.

These four images are my latest designs posted on. Redbubble and Society6 and it will soon appear on Zazzle and other POD shops I have here linked on my blog. Please look out for the products that have these designs titled: Music for the Soul – Succulents for Sale – Wheels of Time and Are-there-extraterrestrial-civilizations-we-are-not-aware-of.…

My Life Heroes – designs

Many will ask, what is Life Heroes about. It’s a website where designers can be creative. This print-on-demand clothing & accessories store has its home address in Poland, but today having a website like this often means that the actual printing of the fabric and the making of the product is done at the nearest…