Nadine’s Art Gallery

Creative Opportunities

Never would I have believed that in later years I could use all the drawings and ideas I’ve been having to good use due to the internet. Where our attention goes is what we manifest, and this start of an online Art gallery is the result. I love my work and have been able to earn an supplement income with the graphic work besides my books, so I can stay at home doing what I love the most, writing on our ascension journey. My Art Gallery was born on Jan 2019 with my first Wildlife designs, (edited in the third person) More pages are still to follow.

My other creative project has to do with my Art therapy work from many years ago is also ongoing. My first Art and doodle therapy workbook on the Language of Light was published in 2003 with Kima Global Publishers and today I have been busy writing and designing the seven self-help full color doodle journals that accompany the language of Light workbook.
The first three journals on the Base, the Secral and the Solar plexus Chakras are already for sale on Amazon.

The idea is that each person could do this art therapy work at home and if drawn to this work, with the help of the Language of Light workbook they could start there own doodle workshop business from home. By creating a special WordPress blog for what I like to call light workers doodling workshops from home, my vision is that many doodlers will reach a desired physical body vibration in order to follow their ascension journey. This Blog is still officially unpublished but I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to publish most of the artwork that has been and is still is created for this project on P.O.D products around the world and marketed on this shopping blog. One day, I hope to be able purchasing some items for myself, but the shipping to South Africa is the greatest hurdle. The opportunities for any creative individual are endless.

Nadine May