Nadine May

Welcome to Nadine’s Virtual world

More and more people are linked online.  More and more people make friends all over the world from their office, lounge, living room and in Nadine’s case from her office. Our physical reality is gradually merging with another dimension: the dimension of Cyberspace.

What will the future hold for all of us? Nadine shares he experiences about the ascension journey through her blog; End Of Times.

She is both a published author, a book cover designer and she calls herself a creative person. This blog became more of a showcase about both Nadine as the artist Most of her daily hours have shifted from oil painting and creative writing towards the skills of marketing, so she hopes that this blog gives visitors a glimpse of the earning possibilities the internet offers to people like her.

The internet is a big place, an estimated 3 billion people have accessed the internet, so she hopes that this blog will be visited by people who like her have become an internet entrepreneur.

She also write for websites like Hubpages and Wikinut, but since last year ( October 2014 ) she discovered RedbubbleZazzle  Society6  and several more online product design opportunities. By clicking on the navigation links you will see the products Nadine’s designs are printed on

If any visitors who happen to come across this blog and he or she knows, or is a Artist themselves are at Zazzle , Redbubble or Society6, and all the other P.O.D websites, please leave a comment and share your online shop link with her, and she will visit your store.

Happy shopping

Robin Beck – Partner.

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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