Marketing on Instagram

I used to post on my one Instagram account the way I used my Facebook account, but ever since I listened to a long video on how to earn or attract followers on Instagram, and saw examples of what these accounts look like, I knew what to do. ( I never paid for the course they offered, the $ price is totally out of my reach living in South Africa )
I had to create another account, to separate my writing from my graphic work.

Why Two Instagram Accounts

We have to ask ourselves, who are our followers? Who do we aim to attract with our products?
Visionary fiction novels and spiritual workbooks attract readers of the topics I write about and have nothing to do with art and graphics. They are totally different genres.

To sell through Facebook and Instagram I needed to have a shopping website. (I created a free online shopping website that allows for 10 physical products). If I upgrade to $15 pm my shopping website will link to my Instagram accounts and Facebook, and I can add up to 100 products. That means I can sell eBooks, or any other products that can be downloaded, like invitation cards customers can personalize and send by email, or direct downloaded graphics & art work. Selling online and getting paid through PayPal is the new reality.

My website name for now is, That might change.
my aim is to offer an online art therapy course via my Language of light WordPress Blog, after I have discovered how to set up a membership channel that includes a way each participants can have their own art therapy page with their artwork. Lots of work ahead, but then I’ve never shied away from big projects.

Promoting Books on Instagram

More Work to Prepare the Images

As a graphic designer promoting graphics, art or photography on Instagram is a job in itself. First, they have to fit into a square, then all the images have to be posted on your Instagram account from a cell phone, but most of the time I’m on my PC.
I had to find a way to get my prepared images into my cell. The only way I discovered was if I send what I want to post onto Instagram is to send the images via WhatsApp on my PC to my partner’s cell phone. I can then see them from my cell phone from his WhatsApp account and if I click on each, I can then post them onto my two Instagram accounts. I have already prepared and written the text with the hashtags into my notepad (Instagram does not allow live links)

What do my two Instagram account now look like?
This is what my print on demand products look like on a cell phone. I’ve created solid and white background images to alternate creating a pattern that looks professional. The name of my account is

To promote my books I like to use the same formula. Not just the books itself. I find that to be to spamming.

My workbooks and journals on the language of light are easy to do, but time consuming. My novels do have book trailers and for those I needed to create images, so I can use those to make my book related post more interesting on my oldest Instagram account.

Marketing is a lot of work but if we take the effort to be creative about it, it will pay off.

Thanks for reading my post

Nadine May

One thought on “Marketing on Instagram

  1. This definitely makes sense, I do wish you success with Instagram. I never have time for it and I do not really like using it, so my profile is a sleeping beauty.

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