Marketing with Slides,Video Clips and Pinterest Pins.

I love what I do, which is writing, story telling and sharing earning opportunities for other creative people around the world.
For many people like me some extra income comes in handy during our turbulent times, and what a pleasure to earn while being your own boss part time or full time.
For anyone having an online business today it is not enough to just have a blog or a website where our products are seen, where anyone can click on the menu bar to take visitors to their online shop. “Its NOT enough.”

if you hover on top over the Zazzle word a drop-down box appears.

Paying for advertising can also be very expensive. I will NEVER go for it.

Weddings,Baby Showers or other Celebrations.

Most of my graphic work is done for the many products Zazzle offers. Last year I started to focus on the wedding and baby shower market in Zazzle. Creating card designs for many occasions that can be personalized by customers from their own laptop, computer, tablet or cell phone.

for example:

This image is found in my wedding collection page under the sections Feather & Bird Collections under wedding banner of this design.
See what happens if you click on the image. Yes it takes you to a page with all the 113 products that have the same design. How cool is that?
It was done with Mark Highton Ridley,s Nifty Tool

This is just one of the marketing tools if you are a Zazzle or a Society6 designer. (Sadly not one of my other shops & products will get this cool opportunity, but then all the designs visitors see in Zazzle or in Society6 are repeated on most of the products there as well.) They are after all designs by Me, Nadine May or under my brand name Just Kidding

Now I will share the other cool Nifty marketing tools, especially the one I use for pinning on Pinterest. That was what drew me to the pinning opportunity Mark offered. I love Pinterest and often get totally lost in there from my cell phone, but time just flies away!
Imagine having your products pinned on the Pinterest board of your choosing at the times when you are either out with friends, or working on a new design. All I need to do is later move them into their appropriate sections.
Another very cool earning opportunity is that with his tools a product or collection from other designers can also be promoted and give you the opportunity to earn 15% commission on any sales!

So Many Choices.

Another way to market our products from Society6 & Zazzle is to use a collection pin. What I mean by that is say an image with several of your products in one image is posed in Pinterest and say someone likes what they see, so they click onto the link. Instead of going to one of the products they see a page popping up with all the products with the links! Our customers do not get distracted by all the other products, (some might not be ours! For example:

moving targets.This is what Pinterest visitors see – see what happens if they hover and click onto the image.

Moving Targets

Having our products displayed in a cute slide show, or in a video slide.

Sadly the slideshows and video show tools do not work in my (free) WordPress blog, but they look great in my shopping blogger. And added to that visitors can save anything they like onto their own social media pages.

A screenshot of Nadine her Blog shot page.

There are far more marketing opportunities I have not yet discovered with the NiftyToolZ free to use and paid. Mark has been VERY generous with helping me to learn how to use his tools.
I close this article with one of Mark’s examples and a YouTube tutorial. Example link.
Thanks for reading my article and I hope I have inspired many graphic designers from Zazzle and or Society6.

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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