Earning a Passive Income Online

Start A New Creative Lucrative Adventure in 2020

Passive income

If your love is drawing or painting, or you can take good high resolution photos, or you love working with online graphic programs, (some are for free) then read on.

The opportunities to earn an online passive income in these difficult times are endless. And its for FREE! I’ve been doing it since 2014 with Zazzle.com, Redbubble.com, Society6,com and Teepublic.com to name a few.

This is not an advertisement post to sell my readers anything. This is a self-help post to inspire anyone who has access to a computer, laptop or any other internet access device. My advice is freely given. Just leave a comment below this article with a link where I can find you.

When I heard of this opportunity in September 2014 I was blown away. I was already an established book cover designer for a publishing house, and worked with Photoshop, so I started to investigate the working from home opportunity and become a member with Redbubble. All you really need is a laptop or a computer, or some even use their cellphones so long as you have an internet connection.

What is Print on Demand and how does it work?

Print on demand is a printing technology I knew about due to the book publishing company I was associated with whose printing partners offered book at a time print, but I never knew that today whether your’re an artist, writer, photographer or an entrepreneur at heart, any physical product can become the perfect canvas for monetizing your creativity.

Read my article titled: Designing for the T-shirt market.
Having P.O.D shops all over the world means that everything after the sale of any product, from printing to shipping is handled by our supplier, which in my case will be Zazzle, Redbubble, or Society6 etc… all royalties earnings are from the designs that are printed on the products. 


Promoting yourself is necessary to make your online business a success. This can take almost as much work as designing. Having a blog like mine, or a website, and having a social network presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to name the three most powerful next to your Pinterest account. I’ve made links for my readers to find me on all these platforms if they want some advice. 

I hope with this post I have inspired some readers to find a way to earn a passive income by creating their own brand name ( like I’ve done with ‘Just Kidding’) and get paid on a PayPal account or on a recognized currency bank account.
Maybe over a few years, the world’s money exchange will have changed for the better, but for now, we all have to help ourselves where we can.
Thanks for reading my post

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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