Wedding Collections

All these design collections come with invitations cards all to do with planning a wedding including gift products for the Bride, the Groom and Bridesmaids to name some. All these products can be personalized

Feather Collections

A dream-catcher design with a gold & brown trimmings that includes a round bamboo circle web of life with brown Pelican or Hawk feathers and red beads on a soft feather background.
This design gift will bring good-luck, protection, and harmony. 112 products
A dream catcher that includes the round circle of bamboo and red beads in the web with blue, pink yellow exotic-parrot bird tone feathers on a soft blues feather background
127 products

Galaxy Design Collection

A magical, mystical, futuristic outer space portal, fantasy design with blue, violet and white silk flower bouquets and lush green Monsteria leaves for stationary and gift products for many celebrations to personalize. 103 products

Leather and Suede Collection

Soft light warm butter-color suede with a geometric brown leather frame, or a red leather photo frame – decorated with leather flowers of creams,reds and green leaves 109 products

Watercolor Flower Collections

Geometric gold frames decorated with a mix bouquet of blue Cornflowers in watercolor with red buds and golden green leaves. Or a Creative mix shades of turquoise blue backgrounds and bouquets of blue watercolor Cornflowers draped over a creative Paper curl image to personalize. 62 products
Shades of Pastel-blue watercolor Hydrangeas & bronze leaves wedding theme, some with gold geometric frame trimmings, or draped over a creative Paper curl image to personalize. This modern stationary design is perfect for any outdoor celebration in a summer garden like for a wedding. 75 products
Playful illustrated watercolor white moon-flowers with birds & blue-green leaves on a blue flowering background. Some draped around a golden glittering geometric frame or over a creative curled paper image to personalize. This modern wedding stationary design is perfect for any outdoor celebration in a spring or summer garden,including gift products for bridesmaids, family or friends 69 products

Flower Collections

Jacaranda purple,lilac,blue blooms together with white lily spring flowers, for a Wedding & event Invitations – features a textured jacaranda free background photo design to complete the look for your spring celebration. This collection gives you a visual of the possibilities and helps you put together your very own stationary theme invitation 42 products
Cherry Blossom Pink soft green Wedding Invitations – features a green pink and white textured design to complete the look for your spring, late winter, or summer event. This collection gives you a visual of the possibilities and helps you put together your very own vision. 48 products
Delicate pale violet orchid design for wedding stationary to send with a photos of your both to family and friends 34 products
Blue forget-me-not’s on a soft pink-blue background and a King Fisher bird 10 products
Lilac, purple, forget-me-not or lavender flower designs with burgundy leaves, pink buds on a softly textured mix turquoise background including some with butterflies for the mood of happiness. 34 products
A Victorian Bush Garden wedding or engagement party in Green with Pink Roses and cream – white lace – Conifers, fruit trees , lavenders and water features . The era of horse carriages and old fashioned cars. 31 products

Geometric Gold Flower Collections

Geometric Gold Glitter Frame design with Lavender – Violet Flower Bouquets for a spring or summer wedding invitation set to personalize 30 products
Geometric gold-navy frames with blue corn-flowers, white roses & arum-lilies, blue spring flowers with a blue-pink,cream,white textured paper background 32 products
Rustic trendy summer colors of Blush, Burgundy, white roses and sage leaves on a Geometric Metallic-Gold frame. 43 products
Geometric Gold-glitter frames on textured paper with Amaryllis white lilies, ferns & reddish pink blossoms for a spring or summer wedding stationary and gift theme 31 products

Silver / Gold , Foil Collections

Foil-Gold-Silver-Brass Modern style design to Personalize for your own events. The sparkle luxury look and feel can be used for all occasions 16 products
Chic, classy, Vintage shimmering gold, Silver,& Brass to customize 31 products

Silk Texture Collections

Love is All there is silhouette embrace design with black on a gold silk with our without white roses makes for a strong statement for wedding stationary to personalize. 55 products
Ivory, green. blue, gold on silk & Pearls decorated with Mexican Tuberose’s. They are waxy white flowers that have a sultry seductive rich fragrance. 61 products
A luxurious shimmering gold silk texture draped through two wedding rings on a dramatic black background with a Deco style stripes to give the design a chic and glamorous look is powerful when it comes to decorating with it and easily customized to your event specifics.
The playful gold and white rose bouquet and corsage give the stationary a welcome look. (the wedding photos that were used in this collection are family members) 64 products
White Ivory gold or champagne silk texture with silver, gold & ivory trimmings is the modern trend for years to come for wedding stationary or party gifts cards 57 products
The splendor of a silver/gold or brown/ gold-ivory or multi-colour ( violet mix) satin background texture added with gold/silver – ivory graphic flower sparkles makes for any great wedding or any other event stationery design 25 projects

Hand-fasting Collection

Sunflowers with the True Lovers Fisherman’s Knot and Butterflies with the colors Green for prosperity & luck. Yellow for Wisdom, harmony & communication and Brown for Stability of the home. 24 products

African Safari Collections

African savanna with golden sunsets make for a timeless setting experience 27 products
Get married at any breathtaking outdoor safari bush lodge anywhere around the world can be a very private affair unless you send a Safari Passport Travel card as an invitation 54 products

More wedding collections at Wedding Collections 2

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