Planning a Steampunk Wedding from Home

So what is Steampunk? 

Steampunk is a rather interesting genre because it involves much more than just history. The first appearance of this steampunk fashion style is hard to date because there are many aspects that influenced it. The actual term steampunk was coined by K.W. Jeter in 1987.

During the late eighties early nineties ( before the internet) I was drawn to create timepiece sculpture brooches from old watches I took apart.  I sold these on craft markets with the hand drawn calendars.

Before Steampunk became the full-blown sub-culture it is today, it started out as a science-fiction sub-genre in the 1970s.

Its fundamental inspirations go all the way back to 19th century Victorian writers, such as Jules Verne (author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and H.G. Wells (author of The Time Machine).

The Steampunk Look 

Steampunk typically bears strong Victorian influences using materials like wood, glass, leather, copper and brass which are all authentic materials for constructing a futuristic or fantastical Victorian look.

It is a funky world. It’s a more playful version of Gothic, and it’s visually cleaner than a lot of punk. Perhaps it’s more developed with class and style; refined and elegant.

A Steampunk Wedding

Gothic – Gold & Brass Steampunk Wedding designs

Step One: A Steampunk Engagement Party.

You both are probably somewhat alternative and love to dress up. You had your engagement party, so your family and friends got to know about your interest in steampunk fashion.

You also might feel that if everyone had to dress up for the wedding so that they would feel much more like part of your day, rather than just being onlookers and well-wishers.

If you have set the date, then you will know what the climate will be if you want to be able to have a ceremony in the garden. Do your invitation cards reflect the theme of your wedding?

Step Two: The date! When to tie the knot is a good start.

Now that you have the date, sending out and Save the Date card to all your family and friends is the second step. Having Steampunk invitation cards that includes your photo will already set the tone of your coming event.

This invitation can be followed by sending a bachelor, bridal and a wedding shower party invitation. Here you might consider asking your guests to dress the part, or at least offer a suggestion for what colors to wear. This way, everyone can participate in your wedding theme.

Some couples might be planning their steampunk wedding a year in advance for the planning of the clothes and decor. To have a special creative celebration for family and friends to have an unforgettable day takes time.

Step Three:  A bridal shower and bachelor party followed by a wedding shower party is all possible and a great way to gather some of the decor gifts that can be used during your wedding.

(The cards used in this article can all be personalized, including the gifts that go with the steampunk theme.)

TIP: Many couples have already set up a website where ideas of gifts that might include some decor items for the wedding. Links to vintage hire services might also be very helpful for your wedding guests.

This Elegant Gold Black Steampunk Invitation birthday party card by Zizzago can easily be personalized and made into a steampunk party invitation.

It is possible through the internet to find some ingenuity to create your own Steampunk theme. Many craftspeople on Etsy, specialize in making dresses, suits and accessories for your entire wedding. Even the most amazing props can be created during these parties.  Pinterest is a great way to explore what others have created for the steampunk wedding.

The three party invitations below could be a great help to include your family and friends into the Steampunk fashion mood.

Those events could even be a workshop party activity where some props for the wedding can be created in a team spirit.

The Colors of a Steampunk Wedding.

It’s advisable to mention what color dress the bride is going to were, so the wedding guests will choose something that does not clash with the wedding photos.

A very suitable option is burgundy, dark brown or even black. Black should not be a color to be afraid of because you can always add some gold or metallic elements that will make the whole event looking amazing. What also works is aubergine, black and teal.

The Clothing 

The bridal gown should obviously be with steampunk inspiration. The groom is also going to be dressed in a steampunk inspiration.


Choosing the steampunk theme for a wedding is rather daring in itself, so choosing an outfit don’t hesitate to wear almost crazy things!

The Rings

The wedding rings are a symbol of love that can also remind you of your common steampunk love for life. There are many options out there.

Step Four: The Wedding

To have an at-home wedding, consider the space. The great thing about getting married in your own home is the flexibility you have to get things ready in advance.  Depending on the size of your home, the number on your guest list will be important.

  • Who is organizing the ceremony setup and decor?
  • Factors like who is doing the catering? 
  • Who is organizing the music? 
  • Can the wedding ceremony be held in the garden, or inside the house?

If you plan to have your wedding indoors it might be advisable to engage in a cleaning crew to help prep the family home for a weekend of guests and events.  A spotless home where some private items are removed will also guarantee that any clutter doesn’t come across in your photos. 

Keep in mind the importance of a dance floor when allocating space in your home, or for your reception.

For couples who want to stay away from rentals, mixing chairs and other furnishings that were found within your home can add whimsy and charm to your design scheme and decor.

Let’s say that your wedding invitations have been sent. 

From the table layout of your reception to the  rehearsal dinner (cards) – the menu, each event is an opportunity to reflect the familiarity of your residential venue choice.

  • Are you asking for financial contributions? 
  • Have you thought about what kind of input you want them to have? 
  • Are there traditions you want to include? 
  • Are you both encouraging your guest to were steampunk costumes, if so where could they hire them? ( mentioned on your wedding website on your invitations)

Along with a spotless house creating a festive atmosphere through lighting and decoration, using lamps instead of overhead lights and hanging a ton of white lanterns from our ceilings.  Wildflowers in pretty vintage vases around the house. 

TIP: Getting your decorations up and ready the weekend before your wedding to avoid stress. 

Having written this steampunk article, if I would do my own wedding in the sixties all over again, I would probably go for this wedding theme.

I hope that my article will inspire the soon to be Mr and Mrs.

Below are some more links from Zazzle designers on the amazing steampunk theme for any event.

 Lilana Wofsey Dohnert

Paula Atwell collection


Thank you Simon for all your many tips through Facebook messager. I like to end this block post with your wonderful Steampunk wedding invitation.

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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