Customized Wedding Stationery

I have not been writing on this blog for a while due to many other projects, apart from my idea to create an Art Gallery I wrote about in my previous post. My present project has mainly to do with Customized Wedding Stationery on Zazzle. The themes for my wedding stationery show great variety, from Succulents, Flowers, Steampunk, African Safari topics & modern graphic styles. Here is a link to the collection boards I have so far been active with.

First, I needed to upgrade my Just Kidding shop at Zazzle with a new banner.

Online shopping for customized products

From there on an update to the category banners in my Just Kidding shop was necessary. The first what is seen are my wedding collection boards Zazzle created for us to show our work.

These categories are more about my graphic themes, and on what products they are published on.

Having spent a few days on this upgrade job I then got further into my Customized Events Categories. Each banner link takes a visitor to the departments where products are found with that particular design theme.

The reasons I did this upgrade was more for my own benefit. I needed to mirror the tables I have created in my computer for all my P.O.D graphic work, and to work more on the Customized Events Categories.

There are many occasions people want to send a personal card, or a gift to. Zazzle can even do all the postings. today almost everything can be done from our computer, laptop or cell phones these days.

Having reshuffled all the work I have published in the past four years, I now have started on the wedding event projects. That is in itself huge.

Anyone having to plan a wedding will learn what might all be involved. Incredible.

Personally my own children were married when they were already well past their thirties and living overseas, so I never had to organize their weddings. Instead I traveled for 12 hours to be mother of the bride.  I have had friends and a sister who did, but I always ended up as a guest.
I’ve been invited to many weddings from the more simple to a huge Muslim wedding. Every wedding was an experience and made me recall my own, which was somewhat in between and in the sixties in Holland.  Today it’s a huge business, especially when we browse on Pinterest, one of my favorite online stopovers. 

I have been invited to do a blog post every week to this weddingdesignchic blog where anyone who is looking for ideas will find it.
I will add my own wedding posts that are published on there under my zazzle link in this blog from now on.
Thanks for reading my post. 

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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