Pinterest Marketing for P.O.D Designers

When I discovered Pinterest in 2014 I found myself trapped in Cyberspace for a whole week. All my other work stood still. The ideas that came past my screen no matter what I typed in totally blew me away.
Later when I become a graphic designer for Print on demand websites I started using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Today I have two Pinterest accounts. one under the name Nadine May and another named Just Kidding by Nadine May. I learned a lot more about how Pinterest works by having two accounts that collaborate together. For this reason I have a kind of divider. Its more for myself but hopefully its easier for my followers to know where the group boards start.

It is still a lot of work to keep up to date with it all, now that Pinterest is offering a section option, but what fun. Here are my latest design theme banners I created mostly for Zazzle.

Many of my designs are influenced by the country where I live. South Africa. The cultures and its rainbow nation inspired me to collect all my African theme designs under one board.

African Wildlife

The Scenic South

S.A gardens with its succulents, flowers and wildflowers are another theme I find inspiring to work with. Most designs are derived from photos from my own garden in Cape Town

My Futuristic Art design will soon have to have a board on its own.


Years ago I created timepiece jewellery and today I’m hooked on the steampunk theme, so this personal design board is all about Steampunk, including the actual steampunk creations from other artists I admire.

Combining Typo-graphics with timepiece elements has been very popular.

Getting Organized

For me, having many products on so many different outlets as a designer, creating sections within a board is a good way to get more organized.
I also belong to a Facebook Pinterest group where I also learn a great deal about marketing. Each person has their own ways and methods to get their style of art out there.

To have a place where artwork, ideas, and creativity can be seen by people that want to buy from you is no mean job. Some go the paid advertising route, but I stay away from that.

In my next blog post, I will share more tips what I have learned so far about marketing through Pinterest and all about sharing boards.
Thanks for reading my post.
Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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