What is Print on Demand?

Most people will think about books, but today almost every product imaginable can be purchased one item at the time, like with a book.
Decor, Footwear Clothes, Wall art and more…
visual story tellingBeing a self-taught graphic designer, I started off by designing my own book cover that was published in 2001.
Seventeen years later the opportunities to earn from creating graphics is endless.What I love the most about my only business is that I can design anything I feel like.
Every day is different. Even my story selling career as an author has been explored through imagery.
Gradually I started to work on a collection of themes.
I have a love for texture 3D artworks, so I used my leather work photos from the past and combine them with Steampunk or African themes.the leather look

Apart from leather work I use to create Time piece jewellery, so today they are incorporated on P.O.D products.

In my spare time, I love gardening, so my succulent and flower collections are now also on many products with Zazzle, Society6, Redbubble,Teepublic, DBH, life Heroes and Artsadd to name a few.

Nadine May's succulent designs
I live in Cape Town – South Africa and therefore my African theme design are popular with some customers.


African themes with redbubble

From my childhood the artist Anton Pieck was a household name and my mother purchased many of his work when he was alive, which I inherited and today combined them with modern graphics.

vintage and modern

During times of contemplating I doodle, have done from childhood and today my doodle journals can be viewed from my blog: lightworkerjournals
Some doodle art was created for my online P.O.D showrooms.

Doodling Art

Occasionally I delve into Abstract ideas with the help of Photo Shop. It’s not my most popular selling line, but I have enjoyed creating them.

Abstract designs

Yes my online business is a full time job, but I’m my own boss.
Do I make a lot of money?
Not really, I would not want to totally depend on the royalty earnings each month paid onto my PayPal account, but I know off a lot of other designers like me who do. Most of these designers go for popular trendy subjects, but that is not for me.

Designing for the T-Shirts market can be lucrative, especially selling through merch by Amazon, but most of these designs, if not sold get removed, so I have added most of them onto my other online shops where they stay available at all times.

T shirt designs

What is also very lucrative is to design for the Wedding or any other special event activities, but again I leave that to others.
The best place to find most of my work is on my Pinterest boards.
I love Pinterest and my days fly by fast with all the activities I enjoy.
I hope with this article I have inspired others to start their own online business as a part-time income at first.

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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