Calendar Gift Shopping

One can never go wrong with a calendar gift. The first three calendars are all the designs and photos to do with Africa, the culture, leather crafts about its rainbow people.
The Floral Treasures calendar is ideal for flower and plant lovers. Most are manipulated photos from the Cape and surroundings.

The images in the Reflections calendar are just that. What we see around us is real for each individual. It’s their personal hologram reality. Each refection holds a message for that month.

The image below has not yet been edited to the dates, but the calendar’s will every year at Zazzle
6x 2019 calendars.jpg

The fourth calendar is A children storytelling calendar for parents to make up their own stories while watching the pictures. The fifth Vintage & Modern calendar is all about the paintings of the well known Dutch painter Anton Pieck that are graphically manipulated with modern illustrations. These vintage drawings were own by my mother who I inherited. Most of these vintage designs are also avai

lable in print on cards, posters, for on the wall and more.

The images in the Lady in the Water calendar are like the reflection calendar a reminder that the only power we all hold as co-creators is the power of LOVE, each month will hold a poetic message.

The last calendar was originally published at Redbubble, but they do not print calendars anymore, so I published this powerful message the calendar reflects onto zazzle.
The Aquarium Visit to the Future Calendar is a warning to any parent, or soon to be. The questions the future children ask for the year 2019 will hopefully never become a reality.

January: “If only I could turn back the time by blowing my wishing bubbles”

February: “Wow, daddy look, what fish is that?…”Mommy, are they really all gone?”

March: “Gosh, look at these beautiful undersea plants, have they all gone?”

April: “Our Earth used to have seals but they have now all gone”

May: “Johnny, grownups used to swim with animals in the ocean.”

…see more on Zazzle

More shopping for gifts will soon follow.

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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