What is Trendy on a Shirt in 2019 ?

I wish I knew! I like to create artworks for shirts, but is it trendy? It all depends which market we design for, and since I’m more European – being Dutch in origin but living in Cape Town, my taste and what I feel looks nice on a T-shirt or on other products is probably very different to that of the mainstream buyer of Tshirts online. It seems that Amazon customers in the USA mainly go for just text on T-shirts, but I might be wrong?

Succulents and flowers from the Cape – South Africa

I can now have 1000 designs live at one time on Amazon, and most of my designs are found under the brand name Nadine May.

There a buyer will find a huge range of Steampunk, Succulents and flower designs including line drawings apart from more inspirational art.

My other brand names on merch by Amazon are.  ‘African Art by Nadine May. All these designs have an African flavour, but I hope to reach a global market with these. Especially people who are going on a safari holiday.

Under the brand name Just Kidding by Nadine May I aim for the younger generation market and have great fantasy art and designs with dogs, cats puppies and kittens.
My most popular designs (my best sellers) fall under the Power of Words brand name. Mainly capital letters and word designs are found there. The live links will take visitors to the latest on sale at Merch by Amazon

I’ve learned a lot since I started designing for merch by Amazon, which is now my most successful passive income stream with the added Sweaters, Long-sleeve shirts and Hoodies, but all the other P.O.D shops also demand a lot of my time.  I try to keep up with it all, so my time for writing blogs is limited.

My Bio website has some slides that hold examples of my design work.
Now back to the editing of my new novel: the Reality Shifters.


What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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