January 2018

For me, it started with a bang in connection with Merch by Amazon opportunities. Two more projects to design for. Sweatshirts and Hoodies besides T-shirts and long sleeve T-shirts. For the Month of February I’m already promoting Valentine designs on our Social media.


How to Create a Niche Market

I have been a Print on Demand P.O.D designer for almost three years and have learned so much about this topic as an author and writer but only recently woke up to my own rather scattered creativity when it comes to niche images.

This article How to Create a Niche Market for ourselves is mainly directed at the P.O.D designers and creative writers, but I do hope that anyone who is attracted to create a passive income from the internet might pick up on some of my ideas.

My thanks go to the people who have taken the trouble to explain through YouTube videos how to be a successful “Mastering Niche Marketing” either as artists and or a novelist, written about in my Hubpage article.

Changing of branding names.

Like designing a book cover, the images we use or create reflect the topic of the article, but what about the branding names we use for our P.O.D designs.
This morning I got, I think – a bright idea. Most of my designs fall under my brand name Nadine May, so I did the following:
What used to be Kiddies by Just kidding
I changed it to Nadine May by Just Kidding
and my African Art T shirt brand name
I changed to African Art by Nadine May
Now when I look for designs by Nadine May those two categories will also appear for the customer.
that does leave me with one brand name Power of Words, so I need to make sure that my name Nadine May appear in my description text.

Lots more projects on the go

Apart from working on my new novel Reality Shifters, My Nadine’s Bio website needed to be updated. After I have finished this blog post for January 2018, 10 more new designs needed to be uploaded onto Merch by Amazon.
One hour to go before I can close my office.
Then I have to water my deck garden with Grey water ( Cape Town is experiencing a very bad drought)

Thanks for reading my post.
Nadine May



What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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