Family Time around Christmas

Vintage Art & Incorporate old masters with my own today’s illustrated graphics.

My memories about Christmas is linked with playing in the snow, making a snowman or decorating a real fir-tree with my mom and sister in Holland where I grew up. My mom owned several Anton Pieck paintings she acquired during the fifties, so I created an Anton Pieck calendar and combined them with modern illustrations in Photoshop to recall those years. Vintage Art Incorporate collection

When I emigrated to the southern hemisphere with my own family, spending Christmas in a warm climate did not feel the same at all, until a friend was expecting a Christmas baby.
Christmas baby collections  { Baby shower gifts ..More links to my collections on Zazzle
Today many years have gone past.Christmas is still a special time for me, but it’s more to do with designing images for on products that can be purchased around the world. This shop links in this blog will take my visitors to each shop where my artwork can be viewed and hopefully bought as a gift for a loved one.
Merry Christmas
Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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