Shopping online for original Halloween designs

I have never celebrated Halloween on the 31 of October. In Holland, it was not known in my day and also not in SA when my kids were young, but now that I have grandchildren, granny has designed Halloween images for Tshirts!

These are some examples of my Halloween designs for the whole family.

By typing in Halloween Tshirts by Nadine May you will see my collection until the end of October.
I have also added these designs in my Zazzle shop and to see miost of them to choose from click onto my Holliday collection page design page.

Or another option. Find this cute Tshirt by cliking on this Teepublic link

My life as a .P.O.D designer

I originally wrote this article for Hubpages: Earning-a-Passive-Income on line
for pensioners, staying at home moms, young people who finished school or cannot find employment and people who lost their jobs.

This article on Hubpages is all about how the P.O.D works and is directed at people who are not Profesionals but who do have creative skills like artists, illustrators or photographers, especialy on computers, laptops or even tablets and cell phones. People with graphics experience like me, who design book covers for Kima global publishers, have alrady skils in using Photoshop, but there are many other online programs that are easy to use. .

I have written several other articles all to do with earning an passive online income under the following titles:.

Most Popular Graphic Designs


How to Establish a Niche Market

Thanks for stopping by at my shopping blog.

Nadine May

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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