T-shirt designs for all occasions

Ever since I was accepted to design T shirts for merch Amazon, that does mean designing for the USA market as much as I’m capable off., so when one member ( sorry cannot remember the name) on our Facebook forum shared this holiday calendar chart, I was truly grateful. We are now still in August but I did not know that there was such a day as world Championship Day, but the Solar Eclipse was a great event. Here are my reminder examples after it was over. I did make some before the 21st and they can all be found at this link

Often I aim to combine my designing for a larger market than just Tshirts. My other passions are creative writing about topics I’m drawn to write about, but because I think more in pictures than words, I love to design images that compliment my articles on Hubpages.


Anyone can see how I used the images in this article:We are Symbols of Light on several projects with AmazonRedbubble

– or again different products at Society6

We are symbols of light

At Zazzle most of my article design can be found under: The Awakening products

solar Eclipse

When the Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August was expected I joined many others by creating Tshirt designs with this theme. As you can see I used my previous layered file and created an Eclipse feel into my Yin Yang design and added the Aum symbol to be different.

I felt I was a bit late designing for this event at Amazon under my two brand names, so I created an image to remember this Eclipse. I hope Tshirt buyers will like to remember this one time event.
solar Eclipse doubleLabor Day

Labor day is on the 4th of September and grandfather’s day on the 10th of September, so I thought why not promote both these occasions together. many grandfathers are not all yet pensioners.grandpa labor dayIt would also make a great present for DAD, so I created this mockup marketing image.
Labor day

Because I have the option to add 10 designs a day on Amazon I do try to use my layered image files and I came up with a funny humorous design most of us can relate to I’m sure. Here is the linkgrandfathers day

A reminder to never forget Keys, sunglasses, cellphone, and MUSIC! This shirt can also be worn my moms and grandmothers, not to mention friends. What about if we want to never forget a date to a music concert or just wear this Tshirt to honor the Drummer in a band. The options are endless.
Now I have to look at creating designs for Parrot, Citizenship and Native American day!

never forget that great music band
Thanks for reading my post.

Nadine May


What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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