I’m Human Not a Robot

On the internet these days how often do we have to prove just that? That we are Human! What would our great great grandparents say if they knew, but then the Internet would have been an unknown concept let alone computers.
As I was writing my End of Times blog I was inspired to created these T-shirt designs under my Nadine May brand name at Amazon. One was sold that same day!

We all know that many websites have reasons to make us prove that we are a human being through questions or images – either we have filled in a form, or uploaded designs, like I do onto Zazzle, for example. I dislike the distorted scrambled up text option, and in some cases I have just gone away from frustration, but what does that tell us about our world?

Do we have to get used to knowing that we have to compete with Robots? But then what are we?

I write articles about topics like: Awakening to our Ascension for Hubpages. They insist that we add a minimal of 3 images that are related to the topic of the article, and when I do them I’m in my element.

While creating a design in Photoshop for my articles I start with a large black canvas suitable for a Wall tapestry at Redbubbles
That size and shape seem to fit most of the products that are sold on Redbubble.

This design has many layers, and by removing most of the background layers  I Create a transparent T shirt design from the elements of the original design, sometimes several similar but different, like these:

Here are some other products that were derived from my article writings and my workbook on the Language of Light.

Ive started to prepare my Language of Light 7 chakra design my Workbook explains about and how each doodle artist, with the guidance from my workbook,

can create their own Soul Quality symbols in order to activate their DNA consciousness on each level. In my articles the explanations about these creative meditative expressions are truly useful for people who think in images.



What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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