Working with Themes

My creative time designing images for T-shirts to be sold on Amazon has now shifted me to working with themes. In the Merch by Amazon Facebook groups people often mention to work with themes, but I had not followed that system before now.

Now that I’m allowed to upload 10 designs each day, which I often do not manage, I have found that designing in themes has its advantage. Admittedly having the opportunity to add 10 new designs each day until I have reached 500 max designs is not easy time-wise.

I will share my way of working with layered files in Photo shop while working in theme designs.

Steampunk T-shirt designs   under my brand name Nadine May

Creating layered files with a theme in mind is very handy. All I need to do is change the animal inside the image .

Many designers create brand names related to a theme, but I have only done that in my computer to be more organized. Making tables in Word first under my 4 main Brand names, and then creating separated tables into themes has worked so far.

Under my Nadine May brand name the largest quantity of designs in themes is published. Themes like: Steampunk – SucculentsFlowers & Protea’s  – Vintage  by Anton Pieck

Conspiracy topic T-shirts  – seem to come up and so do some of my Art designs but several of my other themes like Healthy living only 3 shirts are found.

I created designs that fall under sport & animalsTrendy fun designs but they do not come up when I type in the words “by Nadine May” … I must look again at my descriptions and repeat the same keywords.

I’ve learned a great deal by writing this blog about working with Themes and now use better keywords, so I hope this post was helpful to other designers.

Thanks for reading my post

Nadine May


What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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