Research on how Google works with Free Marketing

To earn money with graphic work on line can be a lot of work. I do know that some seem to do it with a lot less effort, or is that my presumption? I do promote my latest work from several P.O.D shops I work with as you will see from my above links on several social media platforms and their groups, this is all for free. In this blog I want to address  In my case especially to do with T-shirt designs on Amazon it’s all to do with keywords. I’m no expert when it comes to this, so I must learn.

In this post I will share how I went about it doing some investigation. I hope my readers will find it helpful.

I use Firefox as my main browser and Google Chrome second

When I type my name Nadine May into Google this page comes up: I had hoped to see the Amazon link to my T-shirts under my brand name come up on this first page, but it does not. I do see that on the first row my other blog; End Of Time appears. Thank you WordPress!

The marketing image in my Google+ account which I posted yesterday appears under the link: new sport designs So that is proof that this kind of marketing works!

My latest Article on Hubpages also appears on this first Google page and a separate box with my photo (which I have not changed in 8 years).

Still on the same page links to my other P.O.D stores like: Live Heroes with 3 links! Threadless as well, (so I should be more active there) links to my Linkedin – facebook -YouTube My Bio website, my Teepublic and lastly my authors page at amazon Only one other Nadine May, a singer, appears on this first page, so not too bad, but how does that apply to what people type into Google search?

Yet, if they want to find my designs and they type in something more specific like: Nadine May T-shirt designs then I get a lot more exposure – but nothing from Amazon! I do see images about most of my T-shirts on this first page.

Some images lower down on this page are not of my T-shirts and I see other’s work, but I now realize that when I click on the marketing images I have created and posted on this WordPress blog, Justkidding8gifts, my article: I have become an Amazon T-Shirt link appears- cool.

I also see links to my other P.O.D stores like: Live Heroes with 3 links! Threadless as well, so I should be more active there. My Bio website, my Teepublic

Amazon brand names

I want to look for the 3other brand names I use in Amazon by typing them into Google.

Kiddies Shirts by Just kidding   Yes it works! My own link on Merch by Amazon does come up on the same page among others. Two of my T-shirt marketing images posted in this blog appear and the link to this WordPress blog, including my other blogspot blog. A link to my Just Kidding brand name at Teepublic and a Google+ marketing link promotion image. By sticking to the Just kidding name I do get some hits, but…who will type that into the Google search box?

Kiddies Shirts before my Just kidding brand name seems to work better.

Now I will try African Art T-shirts. Wow this brand name works. One link does take me to my T-shirt designs.  Two links on the bottom of the first page and two of my Google+ marketing links appear.  None of my designs appear under the images. Now I learned something. What would people type in?

Under the images in Google, two images of my T-shirts appear, so do my novels, and my photo and images I have created for my articles.

Power of Words– no luck. Not on the first page. If I type in power of words T-shirts, nothing, not even one image. Yet when I type in Power of Words Nadine May, my Instagram link and a link to one of my best selling design Teach Peace under this brand on Amazon is there on the first page. Wow! It’s my own name that seems to have the most influence on Google.That also tells me that the brand name is not what works, it must be the title or the keywords I have used in these designs.

I’m now working with my best selling design. Teach Peace by Nadine May. Wow! Yes my links about my designs come up, including T-shirts from Amazon. If I just type in Teach Peace, nothing, and if I type in Teach Peace T-shirts, still nothing. If I type in; power words teach peace, then an Amazon link does come up and under the images one marketing image with my Teach Peach T-shirts appears.

How can I find a FREE keyword performance scale?

Free AdWords Performance Grader and many others in Google are no good for me. They want too many details before I can start for a FREE trial. And I have NO INTENTION to pay for any advertising. All I have used so far is

That works only for Merch Amazon. The two words Power and Words get to several of my shirts, so does Teach Peace. The words “African T-shirt designs”, or “Africa theme shirts” that I feel people might type in, those words do not get to my designs, so I need to add those three keywords and see if that makes a difference.

Would people type in: Text art designs? Or Power Text designs for my Power of Word brand name designs? None of mine came up.

I learned that apart from the description of the designs, I need to step into customers shoes and imagine what they would type into search engines. Also I now see that my own marketing on social media like Google+ and WordPress works.

I hope that my readers who do what I do have picked up on something they can use.

Thanks for reading – apologies for the many links, but I thought it brings a point across.

Nadine May

















What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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