I have become an Amazon T-Shirt designer!

merch-by-amazonBy the end of July I was approved to upload 25 designs on their P.O.D  T-Shirt . I had waited for 5 month to get an approval, so I was very excited to give this a go. ( In my article on Hubpages:  Become an Amazon T Shirt designer I have shared a more detail about how to become a designer on Merch Amazon.)

7e683-final2bnadine2b3d2blogoThere are many thousand T shirts for sale at Amazon, so I  wondered, how are mine ever found?  I started with my first brand name ‘Just Kidding’  and uploaded 25 designs that I already had prepared during my waiting period.

Just kidding was my brand name in Children’s leather jackets in the eighties.

Nothing happened for over one month and suddenly I had a sale in the first week of September! The design Teach Peace was a hit.teach-peace

I had uploaded that same design already on Zazzle, Redbubble and artsadd, so I was really pleased. What was even more astonishing was that the following day that same design had more sales. As I’m writing this I have now sold  Teach Peace 38 times. That was luck, since none of the other 23 designs had any success.

Then one day I saw on my dashboard that I could upload 100 designs! I was truly on cloud nine. I started gathering all the T shirt design I have created during the last two years and made a selection to upload, but now wondering, what brand-name I should  use? Just Kidding was fine for now, but my T shirts were appearing on someone else’s Just Kidding page! This page was all about baby and toddler products.

nadine-may-originalsSince I had a 100 designs to work with I speculated creating brand names that reflected the designs in question. I had sold a some African designs on several P.O.D shops, so my new brand name for these designs would fall under: ‘African Art T-shirts’

Two years ago I opened a Kima Global Gift shop at Zazzle, thinking why not promoting our own publications by using the book covers I had created for Kima Global who was holding the print rights. The idea was that I could add links to the books in question in the description box. This idea was gone after Zazzle had a total new website change, and no more links were allowed, but the shop is still there. So far I had uploaded 4 Kima Designs under Just kidding, so the brand name ‘Kima Global Publishers‘ was born.


A great plus point is that when I type in Kima Global Publishers into the Amazon search box. Our titled come up with the T shirts!

I will gradually add more and keep most of the T Shirts at a price of $12.99

Now the dilemma, what next? The Teach Peace design should really not be under the Just kidding brand name.


I had by now create more typographic designs so the brand name: ‘Power of Words’ which is a Kima Global Imprint.Amazon allows us to make changes so that was handy. Under the Power of Words most designs would mainly be typographic art work.

It was great that Amazon allows us to re edit our text, and change or add more brand names. The website responses immediately to any changes.

My following project is to give another design subject a brand name of its own. In my Zazzle shop I have a collection called: Vintage Art Incorporated. The banner says it all. Honoring old masters by taking small parts of paintings from artists who have since passed away and incorporate them with today’s modern graphic arts. anton-pieck

Brand name: Vintage Art Incorporated on Amazon

Over the years I have collected most of Anton Pieck’s reproduction work that belonged to my mother and incorporated some into my product designs. Anton Pieck was responsible for designing almost everything for our fairy tale park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel – in Holland, now one of the major theme parks in Europe.

By now I’m getting very organized. I have asked other amazon designers on the Facebook groups about the advantages or disadvantages of having several brand names, but there are different opinions about it. Slowly I’m shifting designs away from the original 25 designs posted under Just kidding, but now I need a brand name where my popular flower and plant designs can fall under. Why not use my own name as a brand name. Nadine May.
nadine-mayMy sales with Succulents and South African flowers, like the Protea, have been happening with Redbubble, Zazzle and society6, so these design topics together with my Steampunk – time piece, abstract and animal designs are for now fall under my own name brand.

In future I might create a Steampunk brand name, but for now I have 48 live designs on Amazon and none have yet made a sale, apart from the one teach peace design. I do feel that it might take a few months before I learn what sells and what does not, and the beauty of designing for Amazon is that I can remove designs for new creations.

Here are the direct links to designs.  For keywords I have added (Nadine May Originals) to each post, hoping that will deter copy cats.

Just kidding    –     (Nadine May Originals)

African Art T-Shirts    (Nadine May Originals)

Kima Global Publishers  –   (Nadine May Originals)

Power of Words   –   (Nadine May Originals)

Vintage Incorporated   (Nadine May Originals)

Nadine May  –  (Nadine May Originals)

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    • You set the royalties. I started very low $ 12.99 with earnings of $1.78 for each shirt. Most people sell their shirts for much more and some I have priced at $13.99. I will slowly go up when I feel I get more visitors, but not in the beginning.

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