My 4 latest designs.

These four images are my latest designs posted on. Redbubble and Society6 and it will soon appear on Zazzle and other POD shops I have here linked on my blog. Please look out for the products that have these designs titled: Music for the SoulSucculents for SaleWheels of Time and Are-there-extraterrestrial-civilizations-we-are-not-aware-of.30 May 2016 Copy right designs by Nadine May
I will post the T-shirt images onto several T-shirt POD shops around the globe and I do hope that it will NEVER end up on Amazon, unless its under my name (brand) Nadine May, or under my brand (shop name) Just-Kidding.

If you happen to see it on Amazon under a different designer’s name, then you know it was stolen. Please contact me on my Facebook shop fan page – Nadine’s cyber-shops
If you are still tempted buying a lower quality product that might be cheaper, remember that the printing will NEVER be guaranteed and your money will NOT be returned..

music for the soul

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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