How Important is the Price of Goods?

Several Print-on-demand Facebook group’s members reported that their art was for sale on Amazon without their consent.


….At first I didn’t want to look out for any designs of mine. It would so spoil my creativity; so I rather just carried on designing. Then one day this week my husband by pure chance spotted one of my designs based on a book cover design on a pillow, while he was checking on one of our book titles A Multi-Dimensional Perception on Amazon. This book design was clearly stolen from my kima global gift shop at Zazzle by a person named Lily-Ann! Whoever Lily-Ann is.


I could not ignore this copyright abuse, but now, a few days later after having written my article titled: Amazon sellers of stolen Copyright Material is on the rise  and added some videos to this hub post, I got a totally different perspective on the whole counterfeit drama. Not that I support any individual stealing other people’s work, not at all, but who really benefits? Not in our case, the artists who can earn royalties on the designs.

By just looking at the price difference between the Zazzle and the Amazon price, that alone is difficult to challenge. Please go to my article and listen to the other videos I have included. Something is very wrong.

These were the comments to the video I added to this blog.

Video was deleted sorry!

stolen African design on amazon
  • If the rich corporations made their products cheaper, counterfeiting business would end. Rich and greedy people don’t want that. (They do have a point)
  • They are profiting on both ends from the slave labor to the inflated supposed value.(Also true)
  • It looks like the Frankenstein monster that the big corporations have created, going to china in search of slaves, and leaving the Europeans and Americans out of jobs, is turning against them. (Why are the employees having such a hard time working for Amazon?)
  • The problem here is that name brand companies are going to China to use cheap labor to increase profits and get richer. This wide margin of profits opens the door for other capitalists (counterfeiters) to see profits as well in producing the same thing at a lower price to the consumer while still getting rich too. (Yes so true, so what does an individual like me do, apart from exposing the whole drama in my own way through writing about it?)


stolen design on amazon

As publishers we are grateful for the book sales on Amazon, and as a designer I would love to receive my approval email in order to sell my artwork on the print-on-demand Merch by Amazon, but at the same time I hope that the working conditions at Amazon will be greatly improved for many of the employees in years to come, when bosses wake up by listening to their inner voice.

In the mean time I will just do what I love to do, create designs for products and stop worrying who else might benefit from my work.

Thanks for reading my post.


What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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