Spring and Easter designs on products

The theme of my product designs was inspired by our world in Spring (in the northern hemisphere) and Easter everywhere else. I had not been back to Polyvore for a while, having had several computer problems, but the happy spring image below when clicked on takes you to my Polyvore site. I have added the direct shop links to the small thumbnail images.

Happy Spring Spring in the northern hemisphere is between March 19 and 23, changing from year to year because the tilt of the Earth and its relationship to the sun varies. In some areas and cultures spring arrives with the blooming of certain plants.

The ‘be creative image‘  with the sunflowers links to my Redbubble collections.&be creative with snapshots
The first blooms that appear during early April, like the Cherry Blossom design which will be in full bloom on the arrival of spring.sold spring design shower curtain I believe that in the northern hemisphere now is also a good time to plant some seeds. Suitable things to plant include sunflower seeds and bulbs.Spring is here


Happy Easter collection







People celebrate Easter according to their beliefs and their religious denominations, but Easter has also become a highly commercial event, full of chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter baskets, and colorful eggs. And, of course, there’s the Easter Bunny.
The seasons in South Africa are opposite to the seasons in the northern hemisphere.

For us in Cape Town we are experiencing autumn and Easter is early this year. Cape Town, autumn is fantastic, with hot sunny days, warm, balmy during the day, but the mornings and evenings are now cooling down fast. Soon the rain will come, usually after Easter.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you liked my designs and will come back.


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