My Life Heroes – designs

abstract baby dolphinMany will ask, what is Life Heroes about. It’s a website where designers can be creative.

This print-on-demand clothing & accessories store has its home address in Poland, but today having a website like this often means that the actual printing of the fabric and the making of the product is done at the nearest shipping address of the customer. I know this because all our book titles from Kima global publishers give the same service. That is why products can reach a customer a lot sooner, almost within a few days.

What was such a great opportunity for me with Life Heroes is that now for the first time I can design the actual print all over fabric with my own designs without going into any costs whatsoever.
Everyone on Live Heroes can start an independent fashion brand.

Not every design that might look great on a mug, or a greeting card will look great printed on fabric, but my latest design took my breath away when I saw it printed on little girl dresses. By pure fluke, while playing in Photoshop, this abstract looking baby dolphin appeared.

This design also looked great on Life Heroes other products, so I have added tights, a sling bag, a ladies dress, a sweater and a T-shirt. As I type this I have uploaded this design on some other products in this store as well.

baby dolphin

Happy shopping


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    • Oh now call that synchronicity. Many thanks for your visit and comment. I was just updating the Valentine pages and I’ve just added your affiliate page under my Zazzle link. Have a look

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