Time for a new 2020 Calendar

Happy New Year
I recall that in the years gone by garages, local shops and other businesses gave away calendars!  These days that is not done anymore. Now it becomes a very well appreciated gift.
I will add the images from my own Calendars here, or visitors can find more under my Zazzle promotion page

Greetings from the Souls of Africa

The 12 African designs in this calendar are also published on several other Zazzle products. They were inspired due to my love for our African heritage, and for being grateful that I live in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
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From my Calendars & Wall Art collections at Zazzle
Africa Calendar

Show Case Gallery

 The art of creating calendars is in itself a showcase gallery. Each calendar consists of thirteen images of a design topic, and each calendar can automatically be re-ordered for the following years.This month will be a calendar promotion month.  Five of the calendars are printed with Zazzle and the ocean topic calendar with Redbubble. Every month I will promote different products. The next promotion will be products for Valentine day.

Reflection Calendar

I was inspired by the many quotes about a water nymph that becomes a reflection of every woman that will look into a pool of water. When they see the mirror reflection of themselves, then every month there is an important message that has a deeper meaning.
Have a look on line to see the other 12 designs for each month.
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From my Calendars & Wall Art collections at Zazzle

Reflections Calendar

Floral Treasures from the Cape

This calendar has twelve random designs of flowers, plants or succulents from the Western Cape – South Africa. The richest floral kingdom in the world. Most of the original photos were taken by me from what is flowering or growing in our own garden. They are also published on several Zazzle products. Enjoy.
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From my Calendars & Wall Art collections at Zazzle

Floral Treasures of the Weastern Cape

Fantasy collections

Story telling from just looking at every image in this calendar will delight every child at heart. Several of these fantasy designs were created as decor for the small Wendy house in the fairy garden in Clovelly.
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From my Calendars & Wall Art collections at Zazzle#Fantasy story telling

and my absolute favorite.

Anton Pieck Cal

High Fashion & Anton Pieck

Anton Pieck is still one of my favorite Dutch artist. He was responsible for designing almost everything for the fairy tale park Efteling in Kaatsheuvel,Holland. Today it’s one of the major theme parks in Europe. Over the years I have collected most of his work and incorporated some into my product designs and used Photo Shop to create this High Fashion calendar.
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From my Calendars & Wall Art collections at Zazzle

Aquarium visit in the Future?

#Aquarium visit in the Future

The images in this calendar were inspired by a project I was involved in just after the largest accidental spill in world history.The Gulf oil spill on July 15, 2010 killed hundreds of birds and marine life.

Pictures could teach young people how important it is to take care of our planet.

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What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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