Personalized gifts

The popular online print on demand shop ZAZZLE offers just that.personalized banner

It took me a while to edit some of my products that I thought were available to be personalized, and apparently were not.
I created a collection for these products and will keep adding more as I go along.
Its a real shame that the South African Rand is so unfavorable against the dollar, otherwise I would be tempted to buy a personalized gift and send it to my family in Holland and the UK. We are having to pay 14.2 Rand to buy $1.00. So you can imagine what even a postcard will cost us. The only advantage in this otherwise corrupt currency control is that any royalties I earn that gets paid into my PayPal account buys me more here in South Africa.

I hope that there are a lot of succulent gardeners out there that would love to own the T shirt I designed for them. I’ve written an article about my own fascination with succulents titled:  The Hanging Gardens of Clovelly

Thanks for reading my post.

Nadine. #nadinemay

What are your ideas about my topics. Anything to add?

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